Those vests look AMAZING. Holy CRAP. I am so impressed. (And contemplating starting a cookie hobby. I like decorating cupcakes, but then I EAT them all. Cookies you can save!)

Thank you! I’m trying to decide what edible pigments to use to reproduce the weathering on the leather. The thing is, in the movie, it looks really black, but in the stills, the other colors—rust, ochre, olive, and a kind of sienna brown, especially in the piping around the horizontal straps and the stressed areas on the leather— show up a lot more. So I used a really dark saturated mink brown for the vest and I’m using it for the belt, and a true black for the pants, and then using edible pigments to detail the belt stuff (lighter dun highlights and charcoal, but not much) and then earthy on the leather vest, but darker tones), but I don’t want to overdo it … partially because I think it was really subtle in the movie, and partially because the pigments can be hard to control on the cookie … so a light touch is good >_> but it should help the cookie from looking a bit too … lump of chocolate-y.

Sugar cookies + royal icing are really stable as long as you don’t bang them about. Shadow boxes or cookie easels under a class cylinder work remarkably well as display options :D

I’m glad I went with orange flavoring with these though, because the predominance of dark food coloring means that the royal icing has some bitter undertones to it, and I think that works better with orange than vanilla flavored cookies, so if anyone ends up eating these, that’s probably best.¬†

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